moderated #owner email addressing #suggestion

Toby Kraft

From time to time in GMF, we get questions from people that create groups and can't find them, sometimes because they don't recall the email address they were logged into when the group was created.
So I thought one way to figure out what email address "owns" the group would be to search for it and send an email to the group owner address.  I expected that email to be sent To: the actual owner email address(es).  But alas, the message is addressed To: with no easy way to view the destination address it was sent to (it's in the headers).
Seems like it would be useful to address the owner email To: the actual owner email address(es) and put a tag like [] in the subject line.  Or add a footer to the message showing the address it was sent to like is now done for regular posts.
That way a "lost" owner can search for their group and send an owner email and when he/she gets it can see "Oh, I need to be logged in with that email address to administer this group!" ;)
Note: the approval email is addressed to the owner, perhaps it should have a footer also that says "Login to <email address> to administer your new group." or some such...

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