moderated Re: Repeating request for character limit in auto signature

Marv Waschke

I was thinking of something less sophisticated than a database interface. The output would be a text document that could be sent as an email. That certainly could be done with a database behind it, which would be searchable and you could design and generate reports, but I was only thinking about a configurable template for prompting users to produce emails in which data is presented uniformly.

Off-hand, I am imagining an app with a moderator-mode for building templates, which would be something like the HTML editor on the site that I am typing into right now, but set up to drag and drop a few simple widgets, like labels, limited length text boxes, and drop-downs.  The user-mode would display the template and the user gets to fill in the blanks. Hitting the send button transmits an email to for distribution. It could be either browser-based or an app. Nothing fancy and pretty much old-school. (Except for the AI piece scanning existing group email and automatically generating suggested templates. Kidding!) I suppose it might be useful to have a class of subscribers limited to templated emails.

I have to admit that I haven't explored the database feature adequately. I spent many years building RDBMSs and applications on top of them. Now, out of sheer laziness, I tend to shy away from anything that suggests an RDBMS. Not really a good thing...
Best, Marv

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