moderated Re: Repeating request for character limit in auto signature

Jim Higgins

Received from J_Catlady at 7/30/2018 08:08 PM UTC:

That worked fine, but it's because I'm logged in to <> It would not display for members who aren't logged in.

I wasn't logged in, but one click and 3 seconds and the profile info was on my screen. You don't need to log in if you don't explicitly log out. Just close the browser when done. Except there's some sort of monthly log in requirement that I didn't pay much attention to last time it was required. Seems like it may have suggested I might have to log in monthly.

One potential drawback to info in profile... if a member gets a new cat and updates the profile, old messages will contain a link to the new cat info because the profile link won't change, potentially making medical advice in those old messages appear to be wrong or incompetent... or even worse, be perceived as correct when the changed profile has probably made it no longer correct.

Jim H

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