moderated Repeating request for character limit in auto signature


o.k. that´s understood, no novels.



J. wrote: And by the way, we use it for the same reason your group does. All we want is name, age, gender, weight, diagnosis, diagnosis method and date, current medical conditions, and all meds with dosages. But what we get in some cases are “I took Pookey to the first vet on such-and-such date (two years ago) and he said it was xyz, but the next day he threw up and we took him to the second vet who disagreed, so we tried bla bla and another vet...” and on and on this goes. Some of them are putting the complete medical history in the signature, despite exhortations about what to include and not to include. Then others copy them, and now it’s becoming an epidemic with no systemic or automatic way to stop it.

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