moderated Calendar sharing #suggestion

Nancy Funk <funkmomma71@...>

Hi all, I'm new to this so please be kind. :) I am running a group that is social in nature, meaning we use as means to communicate with our member what events we have going on. We migrated from BigTent, which is closing down. On BigTent our subgroups were able to share events with other subgroups and all events showed on the main group calendar. I know my members can just go to their personal calendar to see all the events for which they are a member of and I have created a tutorial to help them to figure it out, but I'm afraid that I will be fielding questions on how to see all the events on the regular. 

My request: an option when creating an event in a subgroup to share it with other subgroups, because some events do crossover, and for all events regardless of origin within the overall group to show on the main group calendar. The first request, the sharing one is the one that is the most important to our group and maybe to other groups which operate like ours. Another cool thing that would be helpful, the ability to set a default color for subgroups, so that when they show on the personal calendar they look different and it would be easy to see at a glance which subgroup the event is for. 


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