moderated 'Trello-like' view?


Hi All,

I've been thinking about ways I can improve my process for dealing with suggestions and bugs. Right now, the Trello board is not updated nearly as often as I'd like. So there's really no definitive TODO list.

Here's what I've come up with: Allow owners to define new archive views. The new views would be columns of filters. Each filter could be 'topics that contain this hashtag' or 'topics that don't contain this hashtag', etc. 

Then I could basically replicate the Trello board on beta@, by simply tagging topics with the appropriate hashtags. I think that would be easier to maintain than the current system.

An alternative to multiple columns would be to display at the top of the archive page a set of links that let you toggle between different, owner defined, filters.

A question: I don't want to develop this if it won't have any use other than for me. Would you use some kind of functionality like this? And if this is interesting/useful to you, any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated.


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