locked Re: Seeding groups


There should definitely be a mechanism for users to delete all of their content in a group on Groups.io. The question is whether it should be opt in or opt out. If someone needs to opt into the transfer of their content, the vast majority of people will simply neglect to do so, even if they wouldn't have an issue with it. This would make group owners reluctant to transfer to this service. Imagine if someone acquired Yahoo groups, all content would transfer to the new company and those who didn't wish this to happen would be given the ability to opt out. It is the same thing here.

"By international copyright convention" - we all know that the inviolability of copyright is the one principle that Internet users hold most dear.... But this doesn't violate copyright. When you post material to a public mailing list, you've implicitly given the group owner permission to archive the content and for it to be distributed to other users. They are using the content in exactly the same way as before. It's not like the group owner has decided to write a book and include your content inside of it. If someone is unhappy with this, then they can delete all their content. If this still is insufficient, then they should have talked to the moderators and avoided groups where the moderators didn't share their views. It is not the job of a mailing list to enforce a particular view of morality, unless there is an official policy, belonging to the group itself or the service provider (ie. Yahoo), which explicitly bans the export of content to other services. Furthermore, anyone who posts on a public mailing list can't expect to maintain complete control over where that content goes.

If there is a special reason why the content in the group needs to be protected, then Groups.io could stop the moderators from importing the content. But a small minority of users shouldn't be able to put a roadblock in the way of a group being upgraded for the benefit of all, especially when the only loss on their part is having to opt out rather than opt in. And in the case where it isn't just a minority who are opposed to having their content migrated over, that it falls on the group moderators to recognise this and to make the decision not to migrate the content over. It is not the job of Groups.io to determine this any more than it was the responsibility of Youtube to verify the copyright status of each and every video that was uploaded.

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