moderated Fix Timezone default

Michael Pavan

My groups are all in the Eastern (US) Timezone.
The events all take place in the Eastern (US) Timezone.
However checking the Calendar with an email address of mine (that was transferred from YahooGroups as an email subscriber only and just today became a web access member) I find that events (real people gathering in person in real places) which all take place in the Eastern (US) Timezone are listed with Pacific Timezone times!
All of my groups were set up in the Eastern (US) Timezone for real people gathering in person in real places - to have Pacific Timezone foist on them by default is not appropriate. The fix as is requires all non-Pacific Timezone people to get web access (theoretically easy, but awkward for many if not most users) and make the correction(s).

This is a bad default.
I get that it makes sense to people from many timezones who are just gathering online (rather than in person) to have the time in their personal real time…

But the default should be that subscribers/members are in each group’s Timezone, rather than in the Pacific Timezone - which is Pacific Time chauvinist. ;-}
Or at least it should be a Group Owner setting to choose if a group is a Real Timezone or Virtual Timezone group!

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