moderated Re: Reply-to change proposal



I can make that happen by not stripping the incoming Reply-To for groups set to Reply To Sender Only (or tagged appropriately). I don't think this will change behavior for anyone, but I'm not 100% certain. So can anyone think of a reason not to do this?

​A concern was raised in GMF that this could lead to members "pranking" other members by misdirecting replies. For example, send something inflammatory or profane or irresistibly attractive then ​set Reply-To someone else. Who then gets mail-bombed by some fraction of the group membership. The victim need not be a member of the group. And in the intended use case, would not be. So the mail-bombing could arrive completely out of the blue.

I feel that those concerns are adequately mitigated if it is an Announcement Group; then only a group moderator could take such underhanded actions. Others disagree. Maybe, like other abuse-able features (Direct Add) it needs to be further tied to a premium group.


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