moderated Searching In databases


Would it be possible to have the search feature in the database be less sensitive. I guess that is what you could call it. As it is set now in order to bring up a record in the database the wording has to be exact. For instance if I am looking for a group in my database called Tags For You (made up name)  and I type in Tags - nothing comes up because it listed in the database as TagsForYou.
It would be really helpful if you can just plug in the search the word Tags or any part of the group's name and then all records with Tags or whatever partial word was put in, what I will be looking for will come up.
So many times I am trying to do a search but I don't have the name in the database exactly as it was entered.
I am sure other members would benefit from this change as well.
Thanks for attention to this matter. Ilene  

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