moderated Re: Suggesting to add a email command to get mass log of email addresses

Joseph Hudson <jhud7789@...>

Row, no English is my first language actually. What were wanting, is you know how y'all can go in and export D email addresses from the members page and download them from the website. Well, mailman has a actual email command where if you can actually simply send a command and get all of the email addresses of your current subscribers. This is all that we're wanting. And yes, I know it could be a breach of privacy laws. But it would be for only the owners to do anyway. I'm not expecting to have in available to where members can do it. I definitely wouldn't want that.

On Jul 5, 2018, at 4:55 PM, ro-esp <> wrote:


Your message is very unclear (I guess English isn't your native language)

There should be a list of pending membership-requests on the *website* of the group in question.

I wouldn't know why anyone would need a list sent by e-mail, an it could break a couple of privacy-laws

groetjes, Ronaldo

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