moderated Re: Photo Album Editing


Unless I am missing something transferring photos between albums is still not practical, at least if the group has many members. The "Owner" dropdown box lists members in no particular order that I can see. It's not feasible to scroll through a random listing of thousands of members.

Trying to type into the box jumps to the next member whose name begins with each new keystroke, so you can, say, go through all the A's by keep hitting the "A" key, but that is not much help.

Anyhow, the names are user name only with no way to uniquely identify a particular user among, say, 20 different Joe's or John's.


On Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 01:45 am, Chris Jones wrote:

Mark; a passing remark by Shal prompted me to have a look at the Photos
section of the Group I moderate and there it was; the ability to move photos
between albums! I haven't tried it yet (I had to do it the very hard way a few
weeks ago) but I have no reason to suspect that it won't be anything less than
waqht is required.

I can't find any mention of this additional feature in any change log,
although my search wasn't all that intensive so I may just have missed it.

Many thanks for providing that; where is the *#Thank_you* hashtag when you
need it...


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