moderated Time Zone Anomaly

Chris Jones

Mark; the appearance of this topic follows a brief exchange on GMF; evidently Duane has experienced something similar. I first noticed it last weekend when a onetime Yahoo Group enlisted all its members on to a new Group on without dragging all the historical impedimenta with it.

I suspect the problem will only be apparent to members not on Pacific Time. I (and almost all the others on the new Group) am in the UK, and thus on UTC, or more correctly at the moment UTC + 1.

The time display for incoming messages is correct. However, if I (and I assume anyone else) quotes from a previous post then the time shown for that previous post is exactly (minus) 8 hours different, i.e. Pacific Time.

Duane is of the view that this may an artifact of the work done recently on Date Formats; I don't know enough to either agree or disagree with that statement!

Any chance you can have a look at this sometime?



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