moderated Re: Poll suggestions

Michael Pavan

-Ranked Choice Voting
Please elaborate what you mean by that
If there are not a majority of votes for a candidate (whatever is being voted on), then an Instant Runoff occurs using 2nd choices, etc.

It is also known as Ranked Voting:

-No one can view results before a Poll closes.
should be optional. I can imagine situations in which a poll doesn't close at all :-)
Yes, these where all suggestions of options for Polls.

Currently there are no specified Open and Close dates and times.
If a Poll has no stated Close date and time, and the results can be viewed by Moderators and/or Poll creators, then the Poll could be suddenly closed at any point when a desired outcome is in the lead. I’ve seen this happen.

If results can be viewed during a Poll, say by everyone, it is possible that some would not vote either because it appears their choice has a large lead or deficit.

My suggestions are motivated that Poll, should be set up to be transparent (everyone knows what its parameters are) and fair (no one has an advantage). Yes, because anyone may have more than one subscribed email address, we have ‘1 email address, 1 vote’ rather than ‘1 person, 1 vote’.

I concede that the objective of a Poll might not be ‘a fair election’, but rather an indication of ‘what is trending now’. However a Poll which never closes will run out of additional votes that can be cast if only 1 vote is permitted per email address, as at some point every email address that will vote already has. This could prompt some to subscribe with additional email addresses in order to have additional votes - I doubt this is desirable.

Additional Suggestion:
Only email addresses subscribed before a Poll is either Opened, or better yet already subscribed, should be able to vote in a Poll.

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