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markf@corp.groups.io sendis:


Thank you! Your passion and desire to help are awesome.

I approached Groups.io as a project that would most likely grow slowly.
It's in a field with established competitors, and at first blush, many
people would say it's not 'new and sexy' (I disagree of course).
I disagree with you. It doesn't have to be "new, modern and fresh". Just because english doesn't have a word for it (in dutch:degelijk), doesn't mean people can't appreciate the lack of bells, whistles and changes-for-the-sake-of-change

And I'm ok
with it growing slowly, at first, so that I can get the bugs out, smooth
out the rough edges, and add needed missing features. So, I'm not
disappointed that there aren't many public groups right now, as I'm heads
down fixing and adding features.
I don't think you need thousands of groups yet. The big downside with yahoo's "more is better"-philosophy is that for some subjects there are dozens of tiny "paralel" groups, and often spamhavens.

[did you have a procedure in mind for when the mods go "AWOL" ?]

In terms of categorizing groups, that opens a big can of worms. Perhaps
instead, we could have group owners themselves create a set of tags for
their groups.
If groups.io grows big, you may want to add a "sorting by geographical area", or maybe even "languages allowed" [nothing urgent about that]

One thing I don't think Groups.io does a very good job with right now is
helping group owners promote their groups. We display widgets to post to
Twitter and Facebook right after you create a group, but that's about it.
Perhaps I can make those more visible. If there are other ways we can help
group owners promote their groups, please let me know.
You can try to advertise your group(s) in a yahoogroup called Aannounce ...

groetjes, Ronaldo

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