Moderated Re: Site updates #changelog

Michael Chopra

Hello Mark. Could you please give me an explanation as to what a locked  Group  member notice is?
From Michael.   

On Sat, Jun 30, 2018 at 4:48 PM +1200, "Mark Fletcher" <> wrote:

Changes to the site this week:

  • NEW: Polls have a new option to never show results to members.
  • INTERNAL: Moved S3 group deletion operations into the s3server for async and more reliable operation.
  • NEW: In the Edit File dialog, you can now replace the existing file with a new file.
  • NEW: Premium/Enterprise groups can now create aliases for subgroups (previously they could only create aliases for main/parent groups).
  • NEW: More anti-spammer work.
  • NEW: Premium/Enterprise groups now have a new Banned Domains tab. Emails from non-subscribers are rejected from banned domains, as well as registrations.
  • BUGFIX: Changed references to 'sub' to 'member' in the activity log to make things consistent. Changed several of the message actions to be more clear.
  • BUGFIX: For subgroups that are unlisted but with open archives, the feed link wasn't included on the group home page. Also, the archive description was incorrect.
  • CHANGE: When clicking the Subgroups tab while in a subgroup, don't redirect to the parent group first.
  • NEW: Added DD.MM.YYYY date format preference.
  • NEW: Locked Group member notice.
  • CHANGE: Changed how we did code highlighting, now using the Google code prettify JS instead of directly using the CSS classes.
  • INTERNAL: Upgraded TinyMCE editor to latest version.
  • NEW: Group default subscription preferences for date and time display.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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