moderated Re: Configurable date and time format options

Jeremy H

Something I would like to see changed is the description of the two time options - I don't know how universal the current ones are - saying they are 12 or 24 hour. For some people 'Standard' is 24-hour!

I would prefer '12 hour clock (Common use, with am/pm, e.g. 3:04pm)' and '24 hour clock (Military, e.g. 15:04)', or something like those. 

Regarding dates, if it is easy enough, options to add variants (in all three orders!) with a text (three letter) version of the month (Jan, etc.) would I think be desirable. And having chosen a date format, that is the one I would like - always - to see (that's why I chose it), both on the basic web page, and on 'hovering' (everywhere - the  calender is not as Mark stated above, hovering on an event gives me my chosen (ISO) date format)


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