moderated Re: Problem with the way sends group messages

Laurence Taylor

Chris V <> wrote:


It sounds like you're looking for a forum type system, strictly (or
mostly) web based. We're probably not the right solution for you.
You may well be right, a forum but one you can post to via emails. An
option to send emails in the form of the digest option (which does
not have user email addresses) would be marvellous.
Chris, the digest does have email addresses, as you can see (I take the
digest). You can still send emails to a list from whihc you take the
digest, I'm doing this now.

I agree with Mark, I think an email reflector is not what you want, as
they all work in pretty much the same way. (Yahoo did provide the
facility to relay messages without the sender's address, but such
"anonymous" senders could not post by email.)

Alternatively, people who do not wish to publicise their usual email
address can simply create a new one for group messages - this is by no
means uncommon.


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