moderated Small icon-like image for a group #suggestion

Mark Irving

The web pages within a group, such as Messages and in particular for this request, Admin - Pending, are very plain and consistent. I like it that way; it seems brisk and businesslike. There is a disadvantage, though, for those of use who are members (and moderators) of several vaguely similar Groups. All groups look the same, apart from the words.

Please add a small image, logo, icon or thumbnail to identify the group, and place it somewhere an most or all of the Web pages which apply specifically to that group. I suggest it could be fitted on the pale grey stripe with the house symbol and the name of the group. For example, this group might use a Greek letter beta as its image. The control for setting it could go with the one for the cover photo; a 1:15 scale copy of the cover photo might be usable for some groups.

I'm thinking of something to identify the group in the same way as the profile photo helps identify the subscriber. It might also appear in the find-a-group lists. Then an overworked moderator, checking and approving late into the night, would have an extra cue to remind him- or herself which group she or he was working on. I have found myself reviewing moderated messages with my brain in gear for entirely the wrong  group, and the additional hint of a little bit of coloured picture at the top of the window might help.

 - Mark

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