moderated Re: Database export as CSV #suggestion

Mark Irving

To export to a file

Open the database to the normal view (e.g. group - Databases - Links) and scroll to the buttons at the bottom. Right-click the green Export Table button, and choose Save Link As... from the pop-up menu. Save as appropriate-name.csv.

[I'm using Firefox on Windows; the instructions will be similar but not identical for other browsers on other operating systems.]

Export Table suggestion 1

The name provided by for that download is downloadtable.txt. It would save a little messing about in the file-save-as dialog box if the name were table-name.csv with table-name filled in with the name of the table.

Export Table suggestion 2

The exported data do not include the ID or Updated columns. It might be helpful to include those columns.

 - Mark, Cambridgeshire, UK

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