moderated Publicly viewable Permissions setting for Files and Photos

Tom H

I have been exploring as a destination for migrating a publicly viewable Wikispaces site and ran into a barrier that I had not twigged to earlier. While the message archive can be made publicly viewable, a visitor cannot see inline images or download a file from a hyperlink unless it is stored in an external public server. Moreover, messages that are posted via the web site editor and that contain images (hand edited <img> tags) and file links from the group's folders are delivered by email with broken links. Both of these issues would be solved by having Permissions settings for Files and for Photos that allow for "Publicly viewable" as an option.

Bruce Bowman sprung the request Folder-level public access to files and photos  from the question I raised in GMF. This more granular permissions control is desirable for some sites, especially (and maybe only) those that do not make the message archive publicly viewable. I would think that it is logical for Files and Photos to be publicly viewable if the message archive is, too, but I expect there will be some reason to exclude one or the other which is why I have suggested the new option be included in the existing Permissions controls. However, I can see that the current design of the controls will require two additional selections in the dropdown list, if not more, to deal with the all the possible (some improbable) combinations:

  1. Public can view
    1. Subscribers can view
    2. Subscribers can upload
Of course, I could work with Folder-level settings but would prefer to have a group-level solution earlier than a folder-level one later.

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