moderated Folder-level public access to files and photos #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

On a note related to J's comment on wiki pages, I'd like to allow public (non-subscriber) access to select photo and file folders. This would be handy if I want to reference a photo on the site in, say, an <img> tag on the home page, or to include a link to our membership application in a Pending Subscription notice. As it is, if you're not both subscriber and logged in, those links will be broken.

There is some security risk, if you will, in having this option available for ALL such folders...check the wrong box and suddenly everybody in the world can get at stuff that maybe you didn't intend them to. At this time I envision one Public Folder in each area, in the vein of the existing Emailed Photos folder. Those with Moderator privileges or above could drop files and photos here, while the public (and subscribers) could only access them. Owners who would like to enable this feature would need to check a box to that effect in the Settings.

Not exactly a must-have kind of thing, but it would have been handy for me on more than one occasion. 


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