moderated Re: Better control of muted hashtags #suggestion


The ability to mute hashtagged messages in the online display makes functional sense as well as logical sense.

Just to be clear I wasn't referring to Topic muting, but Hashtag muting only. I realize that in some groups, where all subscribers are permitted to create hashtags at will, there is probably little distinction between the two.

But our group uses hashtags for specific categories of messages administered by the owners. It would be very useful for our subscribers to be able to filter messages in the online display based upon these fixed hashtag categories. Currently, they can only select to view specific hashtag categories of messages; there is no way to hide a hashtag category as email subscribers are able to do. Having the ability to do so would make online browsing of messages much more convenient, in the same way it does for email subscribers.

If someone doesn't want to plow through specific categories of messages in their emails there's no reason they should have to do so in the online listing.


On 06/18/18 12:21, Bruce Bowman wrote:
On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 04:28 am, Drew wrote:

If there is going to be an online option to mute/unmute hashtags these
settings should also apply to the online message display.
While this makes a great deal of logical sense, it would be very difficult to implement. Personally, l like the ability to see threads I've muted online. Being forced to unmute a topic just to see if I *really* want to unmute it strikes me as counterproductive.

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