locked New Member Defaults #suggestion


At the moment, the "New Users Moderated" checkbox is the only group preference that controls the initial setting of a new member's Membership. Why not instead have a tab of the Settings page where the management can set defaults for the initial setting for every Members' preferences?

(Note: this is an update of an earlier idea, but this time with a more descriptive title. Was: "Membership Templates".)

At the moment this would include Email Delivery, Message Selection, Replies, and Posting Privileges.

I bring this up again as it seems a reasonable way to handle some of the concerns recently discussed. For example:

In #1679 Dano writes "Also, there was talk about an option for setting a limit on attachment size and substituting a link for messages over a certain size." I concur with his opinion that it should be part of the member's preferences. And if so, then the New Member Defaults" mechanism would provide a way for the group owners to tailor the feature to the needs of their less savvy members.

-- Shal

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