moderated Feature Request - More reply options #suggestion

Dan Hartford


When replying to a message via email, if one uses the "reply" or "reply all" buttons of the email system, one can then adjust the "send to".  For example, if the group is set for replies to go to both the group and the sender one can delete one or the other on the reply.  This is very handy.  However, we don't seem to have this same capability when replying via the web interface.  

Request #1  -- in the web interface, when replying to a message when the group is set to sender and Group, have "reply to" buttons for Group,  Sender, and Group & Sender

Request #2  -  in the email version of messages, at the bottom where you have buttons for who to reply to, have buttons for sender, group, group & sender when the group is set up for replies to be group and sender

Request #3  -  Not sure how Yahoo groups does this, but when replying to message via email, when you use the "reply" button of your email client it puts only the sender in the "Send to:" box, but when you click "Reply All" it puts both the sender and the group in the "send to:" box.  It would be good for IO to do the same.

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