moderated Re: Special Notices #suggestion


So, what should the subject tag be? Should I strip it out from
incoming messages, so that it'll only appear on messages that
are special?
I would prefer [SpecialMessage], [Special], or [SpecialNotice].
[SpecialNotice] might be best, but I'm wondering if there might be
times when a message with a Special Notice type hashtag would
be sent where the hashtag would be of more importance. How
much extra work would it be to have a predefined tag, such as
[Special] that could be changed by the group owner? BTW, I'd
have this new tag placed just after the group tag.

I think stripping it would only be of importance if it were on an
unrelated message, not on replies.
I agree with Duane. If someone really needs something added because they can't do it themselves for some reason, it needs to be a marking in the header. I'm against a hashtag if it's mandatory. My groups don't use hashtags and I don't want to confuse people with them. Personally I find hashtags a clutter that makes the subject harder to understand.

When I send an Administrative message out I start the message title with =[ADMIN]=. When I need to send out a special notice, I start the title with =[Special Notice]= and select the Special Notice option. I find that an equal sign framing the brackets helps it to stand out, and titles are like advertising - you get one shot at catching their eye and it may only be three seconds.

I also strongly believe replies to a Special Notice should not be treated like a Special Notice by the system. People select 'Special Notices Only' for a reason and that should be respected. If the reader is interested, they will go to the web page or contact others for more information.


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