moderated Re: Special Notices #suggestion

Jeremy H

My thought as to what I would like, and consider as the ideal situaton:

When a message is sent (i.e. goes through the system) as a special message (however this was triggered) a tag (or other marker) should added saying #This_Was_Sent_As_Special_Message, or word(s) to that effect. If a message is sent as a not special message with that tag, then it should be removed.

If the trigger to a message being sent as a special message is a tag (#Send_This_As_Special_Message), then that tag should be removed as it goes through the system (so that tag will never be on a received message), and replaced by the #This_Was_Sent_As_Special_Message one.

Critical element of this is difference between inwards (to processing) and outwards (from tagging; and the removal of the outward tag if isn't correct on a reply/forwarded message.


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