locked Re: Changing member name


Hi Mark,

Thanks for this thread.  As someone who has used Groups primarily to game with, I'll apply that lens to illustrate why I would prefer slightly different choices.

* It helps the feel of a game group to allow players to define their own display name within that group as a character's name.  Even if this was restricted just to moderator action, that would be great.  Thus each group should allow at least one alias for the player to post as.

* The group setting should override the profile identity, so that the player can freely join nay group, and be known as themselves, but for certain groups they choose, always be seen as their alias within that group.  Aliases (especially in gaming) vary for each group.  This logic would seem to be more beneficial to users on any given group as well, who may prefer to be known in one group by one alias, but by a very different one elsewhere. 

* agree that aliases should not transfer between groups. If you want the same alias between multiple groups either set up a new alias on each group. or else change your profile and only put aliases where you don't want it, which ever is less hassle for you personally.

* As far as mods & settings go, I would say having these options available within each group make sense to me:

  • A: Only Mods can add aliases (then mods can help members)
  • B: Members can add but mods must approve them (that way no inappropriate names get through) ** default **
  • C: Members set Aliases freely (amuse yourself, we're all adults here)
  • D: Aliases disabled (Transparency rules, works like it does today)

WIth these options in place, groups can be run the way that suits them best. I guess you could technically drop option D from the list, and just set it to option A and never add aliases, but then the preference would be less clear on the front page.  "Disabled" lets people know up front that it's not allowed.



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