moderated remove "The team" signature from rejected message #suggestion


The current "rejected message" format is as below:


A message you sent to the group xyz was not approved by the moderators for the following reason:

[reason stated by the rejecting moderator]

The message is attached.

The Team

I see these messages because I always bcc myself on rejected messages, and every time, it strikes me as "off" that the signature on the rejection is "The Team." I think this looks to the user as if, rather than the specific group, is responsible for rejecting the message. I think the idea was that the signature goes along with the statement at the top ("a message you sent to the group xyz") to create a frame by about the group, rather than the message coming from the specific group. However, I don't think they match, since "the moderators" refers back to the specific group, not

I would prefer that the sig just be dropped. I don't know what a suitable replacement might be, but I don't think any sig is necessary in this notification.


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