moderated Selecting revisions in the Revision list



In revision lists, for both Wiki pages and messages, the checkboxes on the left are used to select exactly two as endpoints for the Compare Revisions button.

The trouble is that the top and bottom revision are selected by default, and one cannot move a checkmark by simply clicking in an available checkbox - one must first uncheck the top or bottom (or both) before selecting a new endpoint.

This gets very tiresome for pages with many revisions, when the bottommost revision is out of sight below the current window size. Then one must scroll down, unselect it, then scroll back up to select the desired endpoint.

I propose that, when there are two checkmarks already present, clicking on a checkbox between the current checkmarks, or below the lower one, automatically move the bottom checkmark to the clicked box. Optionally, clicking on a checkbox above the current top checkmark could move the top checkmark to the clicked box.

This would be much more facile for the common case of checking recent revisions. I find that I almost never want to compare old revisions; most of the time it is the most recent revision against a somewhat less recent one.


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