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Sharon Villines

On 6/1/2018 7:20 AM, David M wrote [quoting Chris V]:
format like 10-Jun-2018
This one is the least confusing. Many years ago, when I started a blog and an email discussion list with an international audience, I was confronted with the date problem. The day, spelled out month, and 4 digit year was the most unambiguous for everyone.

A friend who has been involved in world-wide activism for decades (aged 91) saw my dates on our organizations’s minutes, he said, “Finally we we have joined the world.” I even got it past a copyeditor this year in a book’s bibliography. Since I was consistent, and my book, she let it through.

or 2018-06-10.
The second one is of course the international date standard, as defined by the ISO
While 2018-06-10 can be logically deciphered, it is still a double take for people who are used to the day following the month. And the dashes are not necessary. In “10 Jun 2018” there is no ambiguity and using the 3 letter month abb. it is only one more digit.

I do use 2018-06-10 in file names when I want to sort by date automatically — as in photos and when looking at publication dates or messages chronologically.

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