moderated Re: Yahoo Group transfers



It's that parenthetical that's the problem. When I first revamped the transfer system a couple of months ago, I did switch to a system that sent a -subscribe email. But it didn't work for a lot of groups, which is how I discovered that some are invite only (I previously had no idea that setting existed).

Understood. I was thinking that the invite-only groups would be a tiny minority. If they are more than that in reduces the leverage of having a second method.

It just seemed more straightforward and less prone to error to instruct people to send an invite than to ask them to go in and disable the invite only setting.

True. I wasn't thinking of asking that. I was thinking that if the subscribe fails you would fall back on needing the invite.

There are services that will solve captchas for you, but besides the icky feeling I'd having using one, I don't know how accurate they are.

I was thinking of suggesting the Mechanical Turk, but that costs money. I don't know the current status of the war between Yahoo Groups' CAPTCHA and the image recognition engines that had once defeated it. But yeah, I understand not wanting to deal with the icky web.


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