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Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

On Sun, May 27, 2018 at 09:26 am, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
Yep I do that all the time.
The issue being that very often the last thing I want to do is to lose all of the formatting I've done.  Something like this:

Adding & Removing Scan Exclusions in Windows Defender Security Center

The following steps were created using the Windows 10 Version 1803 version of Windows Defender Security Center:

  1. Open Windows Defender Security Center.
  2. Navigate to Virus & threat protection pane then activate the Virus & threat protection settings link then activate the Add or remove exclusions link.
  3. Select Add an exclusion.
  4. Select File or Folder depending on what you wish to exclude.  Options for Process or a File type are also presented, but these are used relatively rarely.
  5. Navigate to the file and/or folder where Defender is being told to skip scanning and press Enter.
  6. When User Account Control appears, respond Yes to continue.

If you wish to remove something from the exclusions list, follow steps 1 thru 3, but then select an item in the exclusions list, then click Remove and respond Yes when UAC appears.


Temporarily Disabling Windows Defender

1.       Open Windows Defender Security Center.

2.       Navigate to the Virus & threat protection pane then activate the Virus & threat protection settings.

3.      Locate the Real-time protection toggle (it’s currently the first item as of this writing) and throw it to OFF.

4.      Respond Yes to the UAC prompt to allow changes.

5.      If you wish to turn Windows Defender back on manually before it would come back on automatically, repeat the above but throw the toggle back to ON in step three.  You will still receive a UAC prompt to allow that change to occur.




Neither looks nor "reads" the same without the formatting that distinguishes response items from instructions.

If I wanted plain text I'd create in plain text.  I don't and I don't and I also don't want to have to redo the work of setting up bold, italic, etc., all over again after a paste.

Like I've said, I'm aware of virtually any workaround you can name, they just often involve compromises to the formatting that I just do not wish to make.

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