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Sarah k Alawami

Right.  I think for example when I hear link and I click it, it does say expanded and stuff. I have no idea if voiceover is reading the aria tag or what not.  I'm not on my windows machine right now to test so right now I cannot comment any further. 

Here is though a small demo attached via a link of waht I see with and voiceover. I did not do a screen cap as i'm way too lazy right now and I'm just a bit tired and my computer is having issues. Lol!

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On May 24, 2018, at 7:17 PM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:


         If you're using Voiceover then you're on a Mac and in "a different word" from Andre and myself.  Different screen readers in the same OS ecosystem, e.g., JAWS and NVDA, are behaving slightly differently so it's no shock that another screen reader in an entirely different OS ecosystem is doing something else again.

         What I was trying to explain, which is coming from someone who's sighted, is that I don't think something that functions as a dropdown is "fully accessible" unless a screen reader user is aware that this is what it is because the screen reader tells them so.  When I hear, "link, topics," I don't think of it as any different than when I hear, "link," in that when I activate either I expect I will be taken to the place announced (or related to the click-through text when someone is using that).  In this case just hearing "link, topic" would give me no idea that it's behaving, in essence, like a menu and you need to expand it (and you don't expand links, at least not to my mind, but I understand why it gets announced that way in this case) to see what your options are.  How on earth would you know this if you were entirely unfamiliar with the page and just navigating around it?  I ask that sincerely since there are always things I'm learning I didn't know before (but if it's tied to Voiceover it will be, for me, of academic interest only as I don't inhabit that world).

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