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Andre Polykanine <andre@...>

Hi Brian,
A screen-reader user here :).
What I do is I just navigate to the direct URL (thank you Mark for
good and understandable URLs!):
So I don't even bother myself with those dropdowns. I admit though
that, being almost fully accessible, still needs some
polishing in this part.
Hope this helps at least as a work-around.

With best regards from Ukraine,
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Subject: [beta] Accessibility Related: "Dropdown Links" on Main Page

I was just trying to assist someone who's a screen reader user with regard to how to unmute threads, which has to be done via the web interface (unless there's some secret e-mail option of which I'm unaware).  See:

What follows is probably a "below the hood" question that's excessively geeky, but it would help me to know the answer.   When using a screen reader on the main page, and landing on "Topics" with the dropdown link to the right, which I'd instinctively think is a button, it is announced as "Topics link."   There is no way that any screen reader user would know that this link is, in actuality, behaving as a dropdown where, once expanded, you have access to "All topics", "Muted topics," and "Followed topics."  The same applies in regard to the hashtag link.

Is there some way to give alternate text for those two links (which behave for all the world like buttons that give dropdown lists) so that it would say, "Topics/Hashtags (respectively) link, activate to get options," or something similar.

It would be great if it did that for any link structured such that when you activate it what you get is a list of further options, not unlike what used to be presented in a menu, where if you had a submenu for a given item that would be announced.

While these links are not inaccessible in an absolute sense they are in a practical sense.  Without a sighted assistant such as myself to make a screen reader user aware that those links are not links in any conventional sense they'd breeze right past them under normal circumstances.  Because I can see it's obvious from the dropdown arrow that something else is going to be presented when those links are activated.

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