moderated Re: Account export and GDPR update



Just be aware that in most (¿all?) countries in continental Europe, one can neither waive, nor sign away one's rights. As such, it doesn't matter what your agreement says, for European residents the GDPR applies. Depending upon country of citizenship, European citizens might covered by the GDPR, regardless of physical domicile.

I´ve got 2 business homepages, a private one and a blog, all of them in Germany. So a couple of months ago - naturally after gaining legal advice - I updated my privacy policy terms right after the GDPR terms were made public.

Here we´re talking about mailing lists/groups. If s.o. leaving my group asked me as owner to have their mails deleted, I wouldn´t even be able to do this, for there is no delete button in the activity log. But I trust in Mark that this wouldn´t be necessary anyway.


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