moderated Re: Account export and GDPR update


Mark, Marina, J.


Mark, thanks for all your work. I think that some of this GDPR tuff is eaten less “hot” than it´s cooked.


Our groups are mailing lists, and if s.o. joins a mailing list, they are aware of the fact that their mails and their mail addresses do not only show on the website but equally in numerous private accounts of other group members. It´s self-evident, that theoretically mails and mail accounts are thus distributed infinitely and all over the world.


If s.o. leaves the group, they cannot expect, that all their mails are deleted, which I do not think would ever be possible.


My solution has been from the start, that I bring these facts to the attention of prospective members before they join. My terms are mentioned in the guidelines visible to everybody on the homepage of the group. And there it is stated (among other terms of private policy) that a member has to accept the fact that their mails are read in private accounts and on the website and that their contributions to the group (reports, files and photos) remain the property of the group, even after they leave. This in my eyes is enough.


Whoever joins my group must accept these guidelines by filling in a questionnaire and clicking a box that they have accepted this.


Apart from that: Wouldn´t it be much easier if mail addresses were possible to be made invisible not only in archives but also in the mails that reach members in their private accounts? As far as I know this is not avoidable/clickable at the moment. This at least could make it impossible for anyone to collect mail addresses for commercial purposes.




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