moderated Re: Account export and GDPR update


On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 03:27 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:

I expedited implementation of the account export as well as the expanded
group export features because of GDPR. I expect that I will have to make
some other minor changes for GDPR, specifically how to display identifying
data from someone who has deleted their account. If you're viewing a
message posted by someone on the website who has deleted their account, I
may have to somehow obscure the person's name.
Thank you for all your efforts, Mark. That is a tricky point. I am the owner of a former Yahoo group whose members are 90% European citizens based in Europe. I moved the group without much regard to GDPR and now I wonder how could I comply if a member who has left (or is leaving, for that matter) the group should ask me to delete all his posts. There should be a feature (accessible only to moderators/owners) to bulk remove one member's posts on request. Maybe a "Bulk remove" option shown in the "All Posts by this Member" page.
Just a thought.

Have a nice day (or a nice night),

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