moderated Account export and GDPR update


Hi All,

The account export feature now lets you specify which groups you'd like to export data from. There's also an option labeled 'Any other groups' which exports data from any groups you may have posted to in the past and later unsubscribed from. I have also broken out the messages by group into separate mbox files in the archive. Please let me know if you see any issues.

I expedited implementation of the account export as well as the expanded group export features because of GDPR. I expect that I will have to make some other minor changes for GDPR, specifically how to display identifying data from someone who has deleted their account. If you're viewing a message posted by someone on the website who has deleted their account, I may have to somehow obscure the person's name. But I am not sure about that yet. Also, I expect that some ToS and Privacy Policy changes may have to be made.

These things are still up in the air because every lawyer involved with GDPR stuff is slammed right now and getting time with my lawyers has been challenging. I'm doing what I can, but my guess is that these changes will happen after Friday. I've been told that this won't be a problem, and indeed, several of the companies I depend on for, including our hosting company, have not put up their GDPR mandated materials yet.

More when I know.


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