moderated Re: "File uploaded" and "Photo uploaded" owner notification

Scott Perkins

No this would be bad because in some groups there are more files and photos than messages.

What about when someone uploads a new album with one hundred photos ? You definitely do not
want one hundred notification messages.

I would not object to messages for files and photos if the group owner could have the option to turn them off.


On Wed, 5/16/18, Victoria <> wrote:

Subject: [beta] "File uploaded" and "Photo uploaded" owner notification
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 8:17 AM

 well, all I am asking for is a
notification. It could easily be added here:---
Notifications Email when
there are messages needing approval. Email when
there are members needing approval. Email when
a member joins/leaves this group. Email when
group storage limits are reached. Email when
someone creates or deletes a subgroup. Email when
someone reports a message.
 o   Email when a file is uploaded.o  
Email when
a photo is uploaded.
Each moderator can decide
if he/she wants to check it or not.Victoria

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