moderated suggestions for changes in the activity log




I.                 It would be convenient to have a “membership (or subscription) activity” that only shows subscription histories of all members chronologically with dates (applied for membership, joined group, subscribed, left group, changed email, etc) instead of an all inclusive “member activity” where everything members do (including moderators) is listed. A search for certain activities is

The result being that when I go to “
membership or subscription activity” I only see membership/subscription activities there and nothing else. All the other activities of a member can easily be looked up in their “activity history” within their “membership” log, so we do not need this twice.

Besides there already is a “
message activity” feature in the “activity” log, where posting activities show up which make it triple.


II.                Moderator activity” in my opinion should be restrained to subscription matters only, meaning that here the activities of a moderator relating to members should be listed. They should not be mixed up with “web activities” which are the ones a moderator does like file uploading, changing or deleting files, photos, etc..


III.              For the latter a feature called “web activities” would be extremely convenient. Here we would see all the just mentioned activites undertaken by moderators concerning files, photos, databases and others.


Just a suggestion, very appreciated if practicable…..







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