moderated Re: Photo Album Sort Option

Chris Jones

I'm far from certain that Photo Albums always being listed by creation date would actually be of much help; it certainly wouldn't have been of any help on the Group that I Moderate, because each album - having been somewhat randomly named by its originator - rarely bore any relationship to its contents. (You might be lucky and not have this problem!) Listing by creation date would also not address the problem of someone adding to an existing album, resulting in some material in that album being much more recent than the album itself.

We had a (major?) problem when we migrated from Yahoo in that our Files and Photos total exceeded the 1GB allowance, so some rapid deletions were required to make some room. Since then I have been right though both sections trying to rationalise their contents, with most if not albums being renamed so that their name reflected what was actually in them, and also making sure that "like material" was in one album, not spread over a number of different albums. (Again your requirements may differ.) I was surprised just how much space I released by deleting duplicate and near - duplicate material.

What would really have been helpful would have been the ability to move photos between albums without having to download them and then upload them again to a different Album; apart from being more than a little tedious this also removes the attribution of each photo thus moved, and more work is required to make sure (insofar as it is practicable) that the originator's name is mentioned in the accompanying text. (Moving Files between Folders in the Files section is easy; the means of moving them is made available.)

I put this up as a suggestion, and it seemed that others supported it, but I have no idea whether Mark has put it on his "to do" list, much less where on that list it might be; there are a lot of competing priorities.

With there being nothing to prevent group members naming Albums (or Files) as they wish it seems to me that it is more or less inevitable that both Photos and Files sections will become more and more chaotic as time passes, unless Group Owners and Moderators take it upon themselves to "manage" the process retrospectively; I suspect that trying to enforce any sort of order in advance (by "instructions") is doomed to fail.

If anyone has found a solution to that I would very much like to hear it!


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