moderated Photo Album Sort Option

Scott Perkins

In most of my hobby groups the use of Photos is the most important feature next to the messages themselves.
Over time with very active and groups with a complex pursuit,  we need better ways of locating specific photo
albums.  Currently it appears that the only mechanism is to view the list of ALBUMS in  alphabetic order.
Because of the attachment of the album names to representative thumbnails it is horribly difficult to find
specific albums that you do not know the name of.   It is not uncommon to have more than one hundred
photo albums and I think we need at a minimum a way to sort by date created  or by album name or by
creator name  and when showing the sort list it would be better NOT to show a representative thumbnail.
This way would allow many dozens of albums to be shown together for easy perusing by the viewer
and ideally we could scroll the list up and down etc.  when looking for an album to look at.
Scott ... a very new member/user here

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