moderated Re: Group Setting to Enable From Address via #suggestion

Pete AE5PL

I think it much more likely that the subscriber using the affected service would know about the problem.
I think there is one case where this might not be true and something for Mark, et. al. to think about.  I know that there is a thread in this group regarding AOL marking everything as SPAM from (I do not use AOL so I can't speak directly to this).  I wonder if this is due to extended SPF validation.  If so, this would lend itself to the possibility of the sysops to manually add domains to the automated DMARC "list".  I would recommend it not be made generally available as it would increase their workload tremendously but it would allow them to accommodate larger, consumer-targeted mail providers without having to go through training of thousands of users.

  1. The default for is to not "munge" the From address.
  2. if a group owner has enabled "munging", all messages sent via their group have "munged" From addresses to give everyone in their group a common experience.
  3. If a domain has DMARC set, messages sent to the domain have From addresses automatically "munged".
  4. If a domain is manually flagged (such as, messages sent to the domain have From addresses "munged" which accommodates larger consumer domains using extended SPF checking.
  5. if a user has set "munging" on for their account, all messages sent to their account have From addresses "munged" which accommodates smaller domains and corporate domains using extended SPF and internal domain checking w/o DMARC.

Using this ordering, it should simplify detection of whether to "munge" or not.  It is important to note that we are only talking about munging From addresses.  ReplyTo is independent and should not munged.  ReplyTo should be based on group settings as it is today.

Hope this is a good clarification of how to address various scenarios we might see with a minimum of impact to both group-owners and group members.


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