moderated Re: Group Setting to Enable From Address via #suggestion

Pete AE5PL

You misunderstand. I mean for that option to apply to messages TO that subscriber, not FROM them.

My thought is that users whose email service has this characteristic might want to be able to join any group - and not be reliant on convincing owners/mods to opt to munge header-Froms.
You are correct, I did not understand your statement.  I still prefer to give the group owner the ability to say "I would like my group to appear as X to all my members" instead of having to deal with individual issues.  As I say, it is the default on Y! groups which many of us are migrating from so the fewer issues we have to deal with in our migration, the better.  I like your differentiation, however, on what the effect is at the account level.  Let me see if I can properly summarize:

Account level option: If enabled, all messages sent -to- that account will have the "munged" From address.

Group level option: If  enabled, all messages sent -via- the group will have the "munged" From address giving all members the same experience.

Both options are excellent and provide group owners the flexibility to easily manage their group experience to their members while giving individuals the ability to say "I can compensate for my provider so I have a good experience across all my groups."  To me, having both options covers all bases with a minimal impact on users and group owners.

Thanks for your clarification.


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