moderated Re: Group Setting to Enable From Address via #suggestion

Pete AE5PL

I think that would be better as an account option that could be enabled by the affected recipients, similar to the Message-ID munging option (I always want copies of my own messages) for Gmail users.
I disagree since the reason it exists at all now is because it is beyond the individual user's control (DMARC accommodation).  Also, the individual user doesn't know that someone else has an SPF filter that is looking at both SMTP and header from addresses to further reduces SPAM.  As I said in my post, if this is an option at the group level, the group owner can make the decision for this to be common for all group members or as it is now, automatic for those providers that support and have well-defined DMARC settings.  If you want to -also- add the ability for users to enable this on their accounts, I think that would be great, too!  This removes those users from being at the mercy of group owners who do not want to provide global support.

So doing -both-, in my opinion, would be optimal but a minimum should be for group owners to set it and not leave it to individuals to understand how their provider is configured.  I would add that in the case of the individual control, users should be able to do it at the account level, not at the individual subscription level (the later would never get done or done properly).  Users must be given the least amount of pain to be a member of a group and group owners can manage how their groups appear to the users.  Group owner option does achieves these 2 goals for groups; account-level option aids users who otherwise have no control within groups that don't do this.


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