moderated Re: Digests do not automatically include the message replied to

Paul Fraser <paul1959fraser@...>

Ronaldo wrote: digests strip out the message that is replied to it removes everything under the last unindented line, and If I had my way this would be the standard - as it supports traditional quoting in "usenet" and most decent discussion-lists.
I’m not sure what the difference in the end result is. Ideally our users would reply in a format similar to this post but they are either unable to do so or unable to learn. PS, the way the indenting works on the plain text digest (?) the one space indent is not particularly obvious.

If people put their comments/answers UNDER the relevant/respective pieces of quote, there is no problem.
That requires people to adapt to the software and not vice versa. This is the tail wagging the dog.

Is it possible to change digests so they mirror Yahoogroups behaviour?
What behaviour do you mean exactly? Sending along the entire message replied to, and the one that replied to, and the one before that?
That would not be practical

That is what Yahoo Groups’ digests do now, so not ‘impractical’. Shal mentioned in another message a limited quote function. The first previous message, or a set number of lines would provide enough context for a non-quoting reply.
i concede that that this does not seem to be a big problem elsewhere but I thought I would ask :)

Paul Fraser

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