moderated Photos - Search and Order

Jim Betz


  As an owner/moderator of several groups and a member of 3 or 4 times as
many ... I'm finding the Photos section to be difficult to use/manage.  I'm
talking about the way that Photos is organized by Alphabetical order and
does not have any other options.

  When you have time - please add both the ability to change the order
                                      of the albums (Date).
                                    - and please add the ability to search photos by a
                                      name -or- date By Photo Name.

  For all searches please add (if it isn't already there) the ability to
use wildcards such as *find*.txt" that will return all instances of
the string "find" followed by the string "txt".  Example only.

                                                  - thanks for considering this ... Jim B.

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