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Bob Bellizzi

On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 07:38 pm, D R Stinson wrote:
If you really need everything your way, perhaps you need to pay the money to become an enterprise group so you can control everything. As for myself, I have two paid groups and feel that what I pay is quite reasonable for the added storage and additional owner abilities. I accept's unique little quirks and am in no rush to see the individuality of the site be lost. I'd much rather see the development continue that was pushed aside while those people who stayed on other systems to the bitter end were rescued.
Amen brother.  Articles I found state that the average  AOL charge per member is 20.03 per month and 2.58 million people actually pay.  Essentially that's their entre to the internet and everything on it.  If one considers it necessary to access the internet and pays that amount it's an admission of necessity.

Same here.  If one wishes to have exactly what they want on, they are saying that their group is an important mission to them.
If that's true and you are the owner doesn't it make sense to invest in it as a necessary expense?  A lousy $10 peer month is half of AOL's average member cost.

Thank you for your frankness.  If I'm getting it free, I consider the giver as a benefactor and never bite the hand giving the free handout; We operated free for several months and Mark was totally responsive to reasonable requests backed up by sufficient info and after discussion at Beta.

I'm from Brooklyn.  My motto is "Lead, follow or get outta my way" but I am never, never rude to my landlord when I ask him for a favor or free perk.  Actually whether I pay for it or not.

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