moderated Digests do not automatically include the message replied to

Paul Fraser <paul1959fraser@...>

I have searched this topic but have found no mention of it. If this is the not the correct place to post this feature request please tell where I should do this.

Currently, my Yahoogroups list puts outs digests that not only include the message posted but also attaches the message that is being replied to. Ours is a busy group so this is an important feature—context would quickly be lost otherwise. digests strip out the message that is replied to, so in our test group this led to nearly unintelligible digests. Is it possible to change digests so they mirror Yahoogroups behaviour?

PS I’ve found a way to fudge the issue (by turning on the signature block) for all users except those who reply via the web interface without quoting the message they are replying to. “Educating” our users is unlikely to produce the required result.

Paul Fraser

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